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Rental Housing Industry

The rental housing industry is a specialized segment of our business community.  In addition to dealing with tenants, vacancies and maintenance issues unique to the industry, rental housing executives and property managers are subject to all of the pressures of work in our modern age.

There is often high turnover among on-site managers, so part of property manager retention involves training to give them the skills to excel at their jobs and make a commitment to the industry.

Irwin has presented programs on organizational and time management skills for the Rental Housing Association of the Sacramento Valley, on running effective meetings and project management to the California Apartment Association, and on overcoming e-mail overload to the National Apartment Association’s annual education conference.

Our signature program for the rental housing industry - “Get Organized and Get Things Done – Practical Time Management for Regional Managers & On-Site Property Managers” - is customized to meet the specific needs of each management company. This program is often conducted at a region-wide training or annual meeting for a management company.

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Get Organized and Get Things Done – Practical Time Management for Regional Managers & On-Site Property Managers

Effective organization and time management are the foundation for getting things done.  Property managers face a heavy workload, constant interruptions, a flood of information, staff and tenant issues – in short, too much to do and not enough time. This fast-paced and entertaining seminar provides practical techniques to help property managers get control over their time, paper, information and projects. Enhance your organizational and time management skills to become more productive, achieve your priorities and make more time for yourself.  Participants will learn how to:

Project Management for Property Executives

Property management executives are faces with a dizzying array of projects and responsibilities.  There’s more to do in a day than you can possibly get done.  This workshop will help you stay on top of your workload.  We will focus on applying the project management process to achieve success and discuss practical techniques to handle multiple projects that compete for your time. Program highlights include:

How to Run Effective & Productive Meetings

Managers in the rental housing industry spend a lot of time in meetings.  Yet complaints about unclear purposes, ineffective meetings and wasted time are common.  This program focuses on the elements of a productive meeting: purpose, preparation of an agenda, timing & pacing, staying on point, open discussion, and recording and follow-up on decisions.  Learn how to keep meetings interesting, keep them on track, reach decisions and make sure that things get done. You will leave with an Action Plan for improving meetings in your organization. Participants learn: