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Practice Group Workshops

Complicated cases or transactions with innumerable details set up the potential for inefficiency in entire practice groups or in smaller work groups. Problems that crop up can include unclear instructions in delegation of tasks, crisis management due to procrastination on tasks, inadequate feedback on assignments, and duplication of effort. Productive Time facilitates practice group workshops to help teams apply project management techniques, workflow planning and effective communications to the practice group as a whole or to specific cases and transactions. We assist the team in developing its own systems to improve case management, enhance teamwork, effectively delegate and streamline communications to accomplish a smoother and more organized process.

Individual Coaching

Sometimes attorneys have individual work styles or organizational issues that interfere with their productivity.  These attorneys may work very hard, yet get to the end of the day and wonder exactly what they got done and why they haven’t billed for all their time.  For such individuals, group training programs may not be answer and one-on-one coaching may be desirable.

Productive Time works one-on-one with attorneys on a host of productivity and time management issues ranging from workload organization and case management, to delegation and communications.  These coaching sessions are preceded by a phone discussion on goals for the individual and the firm, a detailed questionnaire to pinpoint the specific struggles, and an initial in-office session.  The first session focuses on the attorney’s work style and stumbling blocks, proposes practical strategies and techniques tailored to meet the individual’s style and needs, and begins to implement those techniques with a plan of action.  The first session is followed up with additional in-person sessions or telephone consultation to help the attorney implement the plan and make continual progress towards his or her goals.

Coaching sessions with clients have included, among other things, time-keeping, handling e-mail overload, paper management and clutter control, planning and prioritizing, how to achieve focus to get things done, effective use of secretarial assistance, clarity of communications, and delegation of work to associates.