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Business Programs

In an era of shrinking resources in business coupled with more work and an overload of information, it’s never been more important to manage workload effectively and make the most productive use of your time.  Productive Time provides programs to help information workers get the most important things done.  In addition to group training in organizational, productivity and time management strategies, Irwin Karp consults one-on-one with executives in management of projects, workflow, prioritizing, focus and handling of paper and e-mail.

Given the number of meetings that business people are required to attend, and the volume of e-mail with quick turnaround expectations, these are two of our most popular programs for business:

How to Run Effective & Productive Meetings

Whether you are an executive, manager or an information worker, you probably spend a lot of time in meetings.  Yet complaints about unclear purposes, ineffective meetings and wasted time are common.  This program focuses on the elements of a productive meeting: purpose, preparation of an agenda, timing & pacing, staying on point, open discussion, and recording and follow-up on decisions.  Learn how to keep meetings interesting, keep them on track, reach decisions and make sure that things get done. You will leave with an Action Plan for improving meetings in your organization. Participants learn: 

Overcoming E-mail Overload

Overwhelmed with the volume of e-mail you receive daily?  E-mail has become the primary method of external communication with customers and vendors as well as internal communications within the organization.  It can be a valuable tool or a productivity-sapping burden, depending on how well it is managed.  This program helps you cope with the deluge of e-mail and develop systems for managing your in-box, storing e-mails effectively for future retrieval and coordinating time-sensitive e-mails with your calendar. This timely program includes practical techniques to: